Textile sculptor

„Making simple things complicated is an ordinary activity. 
Making complicated things as simple as possible is
real creativity.”

Charles Mingus

I make my pieces of work with many-purpose dispersion glue that can be coloured and that dries on air. It is commercially available and can be purchased in free circulation in Hungary. I can use it for my pieces of art made of paper, textile, plaster, silk, wood, leather, ceramics and other natural materials.
Pots for the plants, bored old vases, bottles etc. can be decorated in this way. 
I mainly create my pieces of art in the spirit of recycling. 
I dip the textile into coloured textile glue. Then I put it on the pre-made base of the statue or picture. After drying, the material becomes solid. Then I make it look antique. As a result of it the colour and light effects become very nice. 

Textile sculpture is a leisure activity for me, it makes me calm and creation gives me great joy because you can only create really nice things if you have positive feelings and you create by soul.